I read a lot of Terry Pratchett in my school days and sixth form days. He was brilliant, witty, clever, hilarious… I was dreading reading him again, expecting to cringe at my teenage tastes (see BRP 200 for details!) But I was also looking forward to it, and curious to see if I would still enjoy a Discworld novel – it is at least ten years since I last read one. Like any school reunion, I was approaching the experience with both trepidation and hopeful expectation.

After a thoroughly enjoyable couple of evenings spent slipping back into the Discworld I can report, thankfully, that while my youthful adulation was certainly overblown, it was at least in the right ball park. Terry Pratchett still makes an intelligent and comic read. (Which is just as well because I spy quite a few of his novels in the BRP list…)

In this story, the young witch Magrat Garlick is made a fairy godmother and heads off to Foreign Parts with Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg (not to mention the cat, Greebo) to save her goddaughter from having to marry the prince… and to face the other godmother. The trouble is that only one of the godmothers is the good one – and they both think they’re it.

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I borrowed this one from the library.