The book started slowly and I was wondering for the first 50 pages or so whether the story would ever get going… It did, eventually, and once it had I think it was probably worth the wait. (Although I can see that this might have been more successful as a film!)

The story starts when teenaged Grace and her horse, Pilgrim, are involved in a horrific road accident, in which her friend and another horse are killed. Grace and Pilgrim survive, but with terrible physical and emotional damage. The physical wounds can be healed, but it is only when Grace’s mother, Annie, finds Tom Booker – the “horse whisperer” – and persuades him to work on Pilgrim that Grace or Pilgrim begin to recover, little by little, their old selves. At the same time, Annie too finds a way out of her old unhappiness.

The writing is sometimes a little clumsy – odd moments when the author’s voice seems to waver, slightly-too-obvious hooks, that sort of thing – but on the whole a decent read.

Here is an Amazon link.
I got the book from the local library.