This is the second Pratchett novel I have blogged in the Big Read Project (the other was Witches Abroad) and it was one I hadn’t read before. This is hardly surprising, since I gave up by Terry Pratchett habit by the middle 1990s, and this book wasn’t published until 2000.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t read it before, much about the book was familiar. I think this is why Pratchett has such devoted followers: all his books are pretty similar, so if you loved one then you will love them all. I’m not sure I could say that I love the Discworld novels any more, but it seems that they are all going to be enjoyable, in a predictable and light kind of way. And if I’ve got to read thirteen of them (yes, thirteen – assuming I counted them right lol), then this is probably just as well.

This particular story is based in the great city of Ankh-Morpork. It features many of our Ankh-Morpork favourites such as Captain Vimes and his watchmen, the Patrician Lord Vetinari and the omnipresent Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler. However, its main focus is on a new (to me) character, William de Worde, who has started up the first newspaper on the Discworld, with a team of dwarf printers, a vampire iconographer who experiments with dark light and tries to stay off the blood, and respectably buxom assistant Sacharissa. He manages to make an enemy of just about everyone in the city – including the comic-but-scary killers Mr Pin and Mr Tulip – before managing to lay his own demons in the climactic confrontation.

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I got my copy from the library.