Charles Pooter, the eponymous Nobody, is a suburban clerk living in Victorian London with his dear wife Carrie and at times their rather reckless son Lupin.

Pooter is absurdly pretentious and pompous, and heartwarmingly innocent, and prone to amusing misfortunes which he recounts in his diary with a completely straight face. He is continually having minor mishaps, falling out with people over small misunderstandings, and worrying about Lupin’s future, and he does it all in such a charmingly incompetent manner that nobody could help but feel affection for him.

I wouldn’t go so far as to describe this as “hilarious” – you don’t emerge from the book guffawing and holding your sides. But it is certainly a work of gently comic genius (the perfect antidote to Trainspotting) and one that no home should be without.

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