The Witches A witch never gets caught. Don’t forget that she has magic in her fingers and devilry dancing in her blood. She can make stones jump about like frogs and she can make tongues of flame go flickering across the surface of the water.

Following the sudden death of his parents, our hero narrator, a small boy of about seven or eight, lives with his Norwegian grandmother. Fortunately for him, in Norway witches and their child-killing ways are well known and his grandmother is a witchophile (retired) – which means that she can help him to recognise a witch and protect himself from their tricks.

Witches are hateful, horrible, wicked, frightening murderous woman-demons. And what they hate most of all is a human child. What they want most of all is to do away with any child they find… So when our protagonist finds himself faced not just with one witch but with a whole bevy of them, plotting to turn every last child in England into a mouse, you just know that something horrible is going to happen.

Dahl is a marvellously evocative writer, and he plays with words in the most fantabulous way imaginable. He is quite simply the best children’s author I could name. (I’ve already read most of his books at least once…)

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