Girls Out Late Don’t even think about him
He’s not worth it, worth it, worth it
Who needs a man to feel a woman?
You’re doing fine without him, girl.
[Claudie Coleman lyrics]

This is the third book of a series for teenaged girls, that started with Girls in Love and Girls Under Pressure.

At last, Ellie has got a proper boyfriend – but things keep going wrong. First he stands her up when his Dad grounds him, then she wonders if he is only after One Thing, and finally their whole relationship is threatened when she has to choose between going to the school dance with him or to a Claudie Coleman concert with her two best girlfriends.

(Claudie, by the way, is a seriously funky feminist pop icon who all three girls adore!)

When push comes to shove, Ellie sticks by her girlfriends and plumps for Claudie. As things turn out, it’s a good thing she did…


Here’s an Amazon link.
I indulged myself and bought the set of three. :-)