Girls in LoveHe’s just this irritating little kid. I suppose he’s OK in small doses. But he’s not exactly boyfriend material. Oh dear. If only he were five years older! And not all nerdy and nutty. Why can’t he be really cool, with fantastic hair and dark brown eyes???

Ellie and her two best friends, Magda and Nadine, have just started in Year 9*, and they are just discovering Boys.

[* For non-UK readers, Year 9 is the school year that you start when you are 13 years old.]

Nadine starts going out with a considerably older boy who seems to be using her and just wants One Thing; Ellie corners herself into claiming that a boy she met on holiday (and about whom she tells some outrageous fibs) is her long-distance boyfriend; and Magda, gorgeous young thing and always the centre of attention, is keen not to get left out and picks up some more-or-less random lad at the bus stop. Everything gets horribly complicated – will they ever manage to sort it all out?

I wasn’t sure how Wilson would “make the transition” from writing about younger girls to writing fiction for teenagers – but it turns out she is just as good at this as she is at everything else she does. Hooray!