The Worry WebsiteThis worry website is all [Mr Speed’s] idea. It’s instead of Circle Time. You know, when you all sit in a circle, fidgeting, and you’re meant to discuss your problems. Sometimes it’s dead boring because someone like Samantha bangs on about missing her dad. Everyone always feels sorry for Samantha because she’s so little and pretty with lovely long fair hair. Even Mr Speed has a special smiley way of looking at her that makes me sick.

I’m not sure whether this is a short novel with multiple points of view, or whether it is a collection of inter-connected short stories…

All the stories are set in the same primary school, the same class, and follow the same format. Each of the children featured in the book has a worry, and they enter their problem onto the worry website, created by their marvellous teacher Mr Speed as a “confidential” way to air their problems and get “anonymous” advice or suggestions from their friends. The worry website has a funny knack of helping everyone to find solutions to their worries.

It’s a nice, feel-good story (collection?), and you even get a contribution from a 12-year-old fan who won a competition with her story “Lisa’s Worry”.