Slinky Malinki
was blacker than black,
a stalking and lurking
adventurous cat.
He had bright yellow eyes,
a warbling wail
and a kink at the end
of his very long tail.
Slinky Malinki

This book is excellent – one of our favourites and I think we will love it for a long time to come. It tells the story of sneaky rapscallion rascally Slinky Malinki and how he plunders all the neighbours houses for booty – until, one night, he overreaches and is thoroughly disgraced…

If I could change two things about this book to make it absolutely perfect I would (1) change a couple of Americanisms – the smelly old “sneaker” should be a “trainer”, and the half-knitted “jersey” would become a “jumper” and (2) make Slinky into a girl cat!