Little Rabbit waits for the Moon“This is my first day, ever,” said a small flower in the fields. “Maybe I will have grown into a tree by the time your moon comes.”

That sounded like an awfully long time.

Little Rabbit thought he had better ask someone else – just to be sure.

Ariel is currently a big fan of all things moony and all things rabbitty, so this book is inevitably a big hit.

In it, Little Rabbit is a small person who doesn’t want to go to sleep until the moon has risen to watch over him. He decides to wait for the moon, but as he gets sleepier and sleepier the moon still doesn’t arrive. He starts to ask how long it might be – yet neither the small flower in the fields, nor the great rolling hills have anything hopeful to offer. Will the moon ever come? Will Little Rabbit have to stay awake all night? Or will he have to try and sleep without his moon to watch over him?

We read this book nearly every night. :-)