Ralph the Magic RabbitSid approached an old snail with a squelchy face who was resting by the puddle. He looked like he’d been using the gym for years.
  ‘Excuse me, I’d like to increase my speed,’ Sid said. ‘Which exercise should I do first?’
   ‘Hmmm,’ the old snail said, ‘you could try flinging conkers.’
   ‘And will that do any good?’ Sid asked.
   ‘Er, no, not good as such,’ said the old snail, ‘in fact, you’ll feel awful. But if you repeat the exercise three times a day for five years, you’ll begin to notice a slight improvement.’
   ‘A slight improvement!’ Sid exclaimed. ‘But I want to be faster than a speeding bullet or a flash of lightning.’
   The old snail sighed. ‘I don’t see how you’re going to manage that. You’re a snail. A dollop of slop with a seachell on your back. You’re not exactly designed for bounding through the fields.’
   ‘But do I have to be this slow?’ Sid asked.
   ‘Sorry, but that’s nature for you,’ the old snail replied

A nice, easy story about a snail who wants to be faster than a speeding bullet (or a flash of lightning). He has heard of Ralph the Magic Rabbit, who supposedly lives at the other end of the forest and might – just might – be able to do the trick. He journeys there, making wonderful friends on the way, and finds out if not exactly how to go fast then, at least, how to like being the slow little snail he is.