Secrets, Jacqueline Wilson “I trailed back to bed and started reading Anne Frank’s diary all over again… The first part made me fell sadder than ever because Anne had so many friends when she was at school, before she had to go into hiding.
Maybe we’re not soulmates after all.
I absolutely
have to get a proper best friend at school this year. I shall try harder with Maria. Maybe she’ll let me be her second-best friend. She might even get fed up with Alice and want to go around with me.”

Secrets is a story in two voices. Treasure has escaped a violent stepdad, “Terry the Torturer”, and a helpless and/or heartless mum to live with the nan she worships, on the dodgy Latimer Estate. India is stuck with her vacant mother, increasingly self-absorbed father and drippy au pair in the neighbouring and infinitely more luxurious Parkfield. One day they meet, by chance, and become unlikely best friends. When Treasure has to hide from Terry, India hides her in the attic and the two of them seem about to re-enact the life of India’s inspirational heroine, Anne Frank.

It is a story about all that, but mainly – to me – it is a story about friendship. It is a story about not having a best friend. And then, it is about finding one.

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