Soul Music“She hasn’t even got a scythe,” said Tez.
Susan concentrated. The scythe appeared in her hands, its blue-edged blade making a noise like a finger dragged around the rim of a glass.
The students straightened up.
“But I’ve always thought it was time for a change,” said Tez.
“Right. It’s about time girls got a chance in the professions,” said Skazz.
“Don’t you dare patronise me!”
“That’s right,” said Ponder. “There’s no reason why Death has to be male. A woman could be almost as a good as a man in the job.”
“You’re doing it very well,” said Ridcully.
He gave Susan an encouraging smile.
She rounded on him. I’m Death, she thought – technically anyway – and this is a fat old man who has no right to give me any orders. I’ll glare at him, and he’ll soon realise the gravity of the situation. She glared.
“Young lady,” said Ridcully. “Would you care for breakfast?”

Music with Rocks In hits the Discworld. Death goes on a bender, leaving his granddaughter Susan in charge. The ending doesn’t make sense, and there’s no witching in it. Not the best by any means, as things go. But, you know.

Also, by coincidence, I read this one before Thief of Time instead of after and that was a good plan. In so far as the Discworld does chronology, I read them in the right chronological order.

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