Theif of TimeTo call Wienrich and Boettcher “chocolate makers” was like calling Leonard of Quirm “a decent painter who also tinkered with things”, or Death “not someone you’d want to meet every day”. It was accurate, but it didn’t tell the whole story.

For one thing, they didn’t make, they created. There’s an important difference. And, while their select little shop sold the results, it didn’t do anything so crass as to fill the window with them. That would suggest… well, over-eagerness. Generally, W&B had a display of silk and velvet drapes with, on a small stand, perhaps one of their special pralines or no more than three of their renowned frosted caramels. There was no price tag. If you had to ask the price of W&B’s chocolates, you couldn’t afford them. And if you’d tasted one, and still couldn’t afford them, you’d save and scrimp and rob and sell elderly members of your family for just one more of those mouthfuls that fell in love with your tongue and turned your soul to whipped cream.

Somebody’s mucking up the fabric of the universe again – and, as usual, it’s happening in Ankh-Morpork. The History Monks look after time – making sure that people who need it have got enough and that people who don’t make up the shortfall, that sort of thing. The Auditors don’t like time, they don’t like mess, they don’t like the way humans keep breaking the Rules. A foundling with a passion for clocks, for accurate clocks, might break the world apart. A foundling fast enough to steal from a History Monk might be able to stop it. And then there is Susan. And Death, War, Pestilence and Famine. Oh, and a milkman. It’s a good’un.

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