The Fifth Elephant, Terry PratchettIt wasn’t that dwarfs weren’t interested in sex. They saw the vital need for fresh dwarfs to leave their goods to and continue the mining work after they had gone. It was simply that they also saw no point in distinguishing between the sexes anywhere but in private. There was no such thing as a dwarfish female pronoun or, once the children were on solids, any such thing as women’s work.

Then Cheery Longbottom had arrived in Ankh-Morpork and had seen that there were men out there who did not wear chain-mail or leather underwear, but did wear interesting colours and exciting make-up, and these men were called “women”. And in the little bullet head the thought had arisen: “Why not me?”

Commander Vimes of the City Watch – also the Duke of Ankh-Morpork and, for what it’s worth, a former blackboard monitor – is sent to Uberwald, country of dwarfs, vampires and werewolves. Ostensibly, he is there to attend the coronation of a new dwarfish Low King, in his capacity as ambassador for Ankh-Morpork. But there is a reason why the calculating Patrician has sent a policeman to do a diplomat’s job, and it isn’t only the fat mines. Trouble is brewing, war threatens, and the true Scone of Stone is, apparently, at the centre of it all.

A Discworld cracker, this one has got it all (except witches, boo!) – even a talking dog.

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