Men at Arms, Terry PratchettThe opposing marchers watched in fascination.
“We should do something!” said Angua, from the guards’ hiding place in the alley.
“Weeell,” said Sergeant Colon, slowly, “it’s always very tricky, ethnic.”
“Can put a foot wrong very easily,” said Nobby. “Very thin-skinned, your basic ethnic.”
“Thin-skinned? They’re trying to
kill one another!”
“It’s cultural,” said Sergeant Colon, miserably. “No sense us tryin’ to force our culture on ’em, is there? That’s speciesist.”

In this, the 15th Discworld novel, the hopelessly inadequate City Watch in Ankh-Morpork is being expanded to better reflect the make-up of the city it polices.

Instead of being a men-only force, the watch is now to include a dwarf, a troll, and even Angua, who is a w-!

Given the massive tensions between the dwarfish and trollish races, there is bound to be trouble, even apart from the fact that people keep getting murdered* and Captain Vimes is on the brink of retirement.

(* A surprisingly rare phenomenon in Ankh-Morpork. Licensed assassinations and suicide – by, for example, looking at someone funny in a troll bar – are common, but your actual murder is, apparently, rare.)

Enjoyable, as most these books are. Just a bit like a blast-from-the-past experience, since I have recently read later books in the series where some of the characters introduced in this novel appear as well-establish members of the watch.

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