James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl“Poor fellow,” the Centipede said, whispering in James’s ear. “He’s blind. He can’t see how splendid I look.”
“In my opinion,” the Earthworm said, “the really marvellous thing is to have no legs at all and to be able to walk just the same.”
“You call that walking!” cried the Centipede. “You’re a slitherer, that’s all you are! You just slither along!”
“I glide,” said the Earthworm primly.
“You are a slimy beast,” answered the Centipede.
“I am
not a slimy beast,” the Earthworm said. “I am a useful and much loved creature. Ask any gardener you like. And as for you…”
“I am a pest!” the Centipede announced, grinning broadly and looking round the room for approval.

Poor little orphaned James lives with his two revolting aunts and has nobody at all to play with until one day something peculiar happened, which caused another, very peculiar thing to happen, which in turn caused something to occur which was really fantastically peculiar. The upshot is that we find James setting out on a journey aboard a giant peach, with enormous bugs for company.

As with pretty much all of Dahl’s books (especially the ones with Quentin Blake illustrations) you can’t really go wrong. I do find the plot a bit lacking, but at least there are lots of interesting facts about bugs to distract you. Most of which are more or less true.

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