Hogfather, Terry PratchettOne should always be wary of people who talk unashamedly of ‘fellowship and good cheer’ as if it were something that can be applied to life like a poultice. Turn your back for a moment and they may well organise a Maypole dance and, frankly, there’s no option then but to make for the treeline.

I’m getting quite fond of Terry Pratchett again, you know.

This one revolves around DEATH and his extraordinarily sensible granddaughter, Susan (I’m a big fan of hers), as they try to defeat the auditors, rescue the Hogfather from disbelief, and find out what’s going on with the Tooth Fairy. There are Wizards too, and Assassins and the Watch and all that stuff. Plus, you get to explore with Susan the true meaning of Hogswatch – it’s got something to do with pigs. And blood on the snow.

Here’s an Amazon link.
Waterstones were doing 3 for 2 on Pratchett books so I bought this one. :)